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1. Why do I need a professional photographer?

-Professional photographers are more than people with fancy cameras. We are experts in lighting, quality control, moment anticipation, etc…With the fast pace of the wedding day you will need somebody confident enough to know exactly how to visually storytell special moments of this once in a lifetime day, so you can spend less time getting people in line for a group photo, and more time with family and friends.

2. How much coverage do I need for my wedding?

-As you can see from my packages, the Basic package is geared for small weddings. I am a firm believer in maximum coverage on all fronts. Anything above 75 people is when I usually advise for an upper tier package that includes a second photographer. This allows for more obvious coverage and also allows more one-on-one basis for the photographer. 

3. Do you offer picture security?

-Yes of course! I currently keep all my data backed up on a RAID 5 server array. What does this mean? Every photo A Photo Reflection takes is triple saved on a huge backup system.  It means our clients can call years from now requesting lost or damaged photos and be reassured that A Photo Reflection has them archived

4. How many pictures will I receive?

-The quantity of pictures will depend on the package, coverage, and hours spent taking photos. While quality of pictures is important, I also strive to get pictures of everybody attending. In my opinion, if you’re important enough to get an invitation then you’re important enough for a simple picture. This ensures that no family members are missed.

5. Do you offer discounts with multiple services?

-Yes!! In conjunction with photography, we offer Videography as well. By adding that you will receive 5% off total cost per service added up to $250. 

6. Can I have a private gallery?

-You can have whatever you want. I offer private galleries for FREE. Usually I will post the photos on the main website for everyone to see what an awesome day you had, but if you want an account set up, and a private gallery applied, that is not a problem at all.

7. How long does it take for the photos to come back?

-2-3 weeks.

8. How much are prints?

Pricing varies, depending on what you would like. You can order every photo from your wedding in a 4x6 for $199. We make the prints affordable because it will allow us to maintain qualiy control instead of trying ot save by printing elsewhere. 

9. Do you offer anything else besides prints?

-Yes. We offer custom made photo albums and canvas wraps.

10. Do you offer financing options?

Of course. $300 secures your date, and from there you can give me a card number, or post dated checks, which will post on whatever dates you give me.  There is no extra charge to set up an installment plan.


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